Friday, 24 May 2013

Payment proof

payment1 photo eovendopayment1_zpsd117f977.png

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Payment3 eovendo payment3 photo eovendopayment3_zpsb92bdbff.png

Payment4 eovendo payment 4 photo eovendopayment4_zps9849c39b.png

Payment5 eovendo payment5 photo eovendopayment5_zps8e95d972.png

Payment6 eovendo payment6 photo eovendopayment6_zps22b560a0.png


Step 1 :

Go to or you can click banner below to go to that site eovendo.png
then Click the big "START HER" button like showing on picture below

eovendo1 photo eovendo1_zps8a9136c0.png

Step 2 :

Register with your personal informations. PUT YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL AS LOGIN EMAIL, IT'S IMPORTANT

eovendo2 photo eovendo2_zpse06a69b0.png

Step 3 :

Now accept the rules, and hit the download button "Hent Eovendo-afspiller"

eovendo2 photo eovendo2_zpse06a69b0.png

Step 4 :

When done downloading and installing, you can now log into your account.

eovendo4 photo eovendo4_zpsb26e0ad7.png

Step 5 :

ATTENTION! this is important step!! in order to get premium ads, you MUST use a gold code. type in "cfvcrazy" then press enter

eovendo5 photo eovendo5_zpsfb27ca1a.png

Step 6 :

After that you need to choose 8 out of 10 categories (pick them all for more commercials and more money for you)

eovendo6 photo eovendo6_zps5476dda7.png

Step 7 :

Choose paypal payment processor and select instant/weekly/monthly payments (as you wish)

eovendo7 photo eovendo7_zpsedb188ad.png

Step 8 :

Now go to window menu and click Eovendo application and pick the one called "Min Konto"

eovendo8 photo eovendo8_zpse80572a3.png

Step 9 :

When you get there, click the last one top menu called "Instillinger" and choose the UK flag under that menu, so the program is now in English

eovendo9 photo eovendo9_zps874c513c.png

Step 10 :

Now you done!! and everyday you will able to view 2-4 commercials ads which gives you almost 0.25DK each.